If you try to start the WipeCenter service (./start) and below message will be shown, you need to delete the RUNNING_PID file.

Please open file manager and navigate to the WipeCenter folder (/Home/wipecenter/) and delete the RUNNING_PID file.

If you have opened the folder, just select the file and press delete button on keyboard or use the right mouse button and select 'Move to Trash'.


After deleting the file you can command ./start again and now it will start the service. 

The cause of this issue is that the terminal with the WipeCenter service running has not been closed or stopped as it should be. After you finnised the oparation and do not need the service anymore and/or the machine needs to be rebooted or shutdown, stop the service by hitting CTRL + C in the terminal that is running the service. If it is stopped, you can reboot or shutdown the machine. 

If the File RUNNING_PID is not there please give below commands to the terminal

$ sudo su

$ killall java

$ killall java

$ killall java

( command Killall Java needs to be given multiple times, to make sure it really shuts down all services)

After this you can commad ./start to see if it works