*** Topic is not up to date ***

It might happen that the software does not see any harddrives in servers. We do support a big range of HBA controllers, but we might miss some.

Fully supported controllers are:

Internal connection

  • MegaRAID SAS 9341-8i

  • LSI-SAS9201-16i (supports 16 SAS/SATA)

  • LSI 1068
  • LSI SAS9211-8i    (2x Mini SAS 6Gb/s)
  • LSI SAS9220-8i    (2x Mini SAS 6Gb/s)
  • Smart Array P400
  • Perc H200
  • QLOGIC ISP2432 (FC support)

External connection (for connection to enclosure)

  • LSI SAS9212-4i4e for connection to external enclosure

The list of supported HBA controllers is longer than in this topic, we will update it soon.