If you encounter any kind of issue while using the YouWipe software please see our FAQ if the solution is already there. We might be known to it and have a solution or workaround for it. 

If not, please submit a ticket and make a description on how the issue occurred and how we might reproduct it. 

Photo's of the screen/error are always helpful and might speed up the support case. 

On the bottom of this topic you find a list of information we need. 

Also, always try to add a debug log. 

To create a Debug log pleace do the following: 

  • add an USB stick to the machine with the issue. Do not use any bootable USB stick. 
  • Press CTRL + ALT + i at the same time.
  • Wait around 20 seconds.
  • Remove the USB stick and send us or add the files that are save on this USB stick. 

What do we need to give the best and fast support: 

  • Debug log, preferably per model that has the issue. 
  • Description on how it happend.
  • Does it happen with only 1 machine or more machines? 
  • Are those machines the same brand/model?
  • Add Brand and Model of the machine to the ticket.
  • Add what you have done to get it working.
  • Photo('s) and/or videa('s) of the error/issue. 
  • Any information that could help us.